The Ungated Collective

Where courageous creators come alive, and play the long game of business, together.

wtf is this place?

The Ungated Collective is a new kind of community, for a new generation of indie creators.

  • It exists for those of us who are driven to build better lives for ourselves and our families, by creating work we care about.
  • It exists for people who love the idea of 1,000 True Fans, and want to turn that into their reality.
  • It exists for those playing the long game of business, and are sick of "get rich quick" schemes and "growth hacks" to 10x their audience. Barf.
  • It exists for people who are tired of random, spammy facebook groups and forums, where they're pitched shitty products 24/7.
  • It exists for those of us seeking to surround ourselves with ambitious, diverse, creative, driven people.
  • Lastly, it exists because it’s the community I wanted for myself, but couldn’t find anywhere else. So I built it.

So yeah, point is that the Collective is the bee’s knees. There’s nothing else like it on the internet, and if you resonate with the ideas above, you’d be a great fit.

See you on the inside, amigo.